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Here we introduce UNV’s 6MP smart cameras in the Prime I series, IPC3616SB-ADF28KM-I0. This product is perfectly designed to meet the needs of SMB markets with its highlight features -- smart and light hunter.

Two main smart functions are adopted into this product, Smart Intrusion Prevention and Ultra Motion Detection. They are focusing on pedestrians, vehicles and non-motor vehicles, and they will greatly reduce the false alarm. You can easily switch between cross-line mode, intrusion mode or even setup as easy as motion detection. Relatively, the previous series only got some basic intrusion detection, irrelevant objects might trigger the alarm. However, with brand-new technology, the new camera is more accurate and more convenient to use.

As for light hunter, a 1/2.7" sensor and an F1.6 iris lens are adopted. Under the resolution of 3072*2048, this camera presents a colourful image under a low light illumination environment low to 0.0025lux.

In conclusion, IPC3616SB-ADF28KM-I0 realizes the feature of fewer false alarms, high accuracy, high retrieval efficiency and charming low light performance. It is suitable for many usage scenarios like parking lots, campuses and factories.


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