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S1 Monitoring

Company Overview – S1 Monitoring

Family-owned and operated since 1967, the S1 Group is quickly growing into one of the leading providers of alarm monitoring services in Australia.

S1 Monitoring provides monitoring solutions to Wholesale and Corporate clients and is committed to advancements in technology to ensure your business continues to drive growth.

Our monitoring services include all major alarm and 4G suppliers including a wide range of 4G Personal Safety Devices and CCTV Verification solutions. Boutique services include alarm installations, security recommendations, virtual patrols and guards and Domestic Violence solutions.

Operating a Grade A1 Monitoring Centre in the nation's capital Canberra, S1 Monitoring understands that partnering with business entrepreneurs involves the same dedication that you demand of yourself. We employ local personnel with a high sense of customer service, who will personally action your customised responses in a timely fashion.

We look forward to partnering with you and introducing you to the S1 Advantage.


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