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Updated: Feb 6

At PowerStack, we have reimagined off-grid solar power, creating a new way to power safety, security and smart technologies. Cost-effective, sustainable electricity without the need for trenching, cabling or utility approvals, helping you save time and reduce costs on infrastructure projects.

The PowerStack system is designed to perform year-round, with output based on mid-winter conditions when the sun is at its lowest in the sky. This means the glass-free solar module system is always optimised to deliver continuous operation. Built to last, the system comes with a 10-year warranty and a 5+ day battery backup, delivering reliable power even with sustained inclement weather.

Bluetooth and Wifi enabled right out of the box, PowerStack is compatible with cameras, lights, wireless sensors and more. If it needs power and can be connected, it can be integrated with PowerStack. Installed in under an hour with a 2 man team, PowerStack gives you smart power on the ground, without costing the earth.


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