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Gallagher to hit the road with SecTech.

Global security manufacturer, Gallagher, is excited to join the SecTech Roadshow for the first time and will be showcasing their innovative, award-winning access control solutions, across Australian state capitals over two weeks in May. Highlights include:

Security is managed from your smartphone. Gallagher SMB lets customers take control of their business security from anywhere, at any time, all from a smartphone. They can easily manage alarms, access control, and unlimited users via the SMB app.

The Gallagher team will demo a number of features, including Multi-Site. The Gallagher SMB Multi-Site feature allows users to control and monitor the security of physically separate sites from one app. This is useful for businesses where user and alarm management are centralised, or where staff are required to move between premises regularly.

Controller 7000 Single Door (C7000 SD)

Beautifully intelligent and effortlessly secure, the launch of Gallagher’s brand-new, all-encompassing solution for single door access control, the C7000 SD, offers a flexible solution to expand existing systems or manage standalone uses. The C7000 SD is a new generation of Gallagher Controller and closes a gap in Gallagher’s Controller range to support distributed ‘intelligence at the door’ architectures.

Command Centre v8.90

Command Centre v8.90, the latest version of Gallagher’s world-class security site management software, will hit the market in May. The Gallagher team is excited to demonstrate the latest features and enhancements of this release at the SecTech Roadshow.


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