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EKA - CyberLock

EKA CyberLock, EVVA and SmartLock Digital are excited to be showcasing all our latest and innovative locking solutions at the Sec Tech Roadshow.

Over the coming weeks, our team of talented and experienced reps will be on hand to give you a rundown of our offerings.

EKA CyberLock is the next generation of fully electronic electro-mechanical master key systems. On display will be our award-winning CyberAudit Web management software tool, our Bluetooth-enabled Blue3 CyberKeys and the details of our integration capabilities including our latest Gallagher’s Command Centre integration (GCC).

EVVA will be focusing on the SCEC-approved (inc SL3-rated products) 4KS master key system. With 133 billion possible key combinations and patent protection until 2037, 4KS is the ideal maximum security master key system. Its springless design is suitable for the largest and most complex systems with the ability to implement complicated security hierarchies. It has an extensive cylinder range and is suitable for the harshest Australian environments.

And lastly, SmartLock Digital, the sole distributor of Dormakaba commercial safe locks in Australia, NZ, and the Pacific Islands will be showcasing our generous offering of safe locking solutions including the new and improved LA GARD series and the ASIAL finalist product of the year app SmartLock Digital Assistant (SDA). LA GARD’s latest features have been designed to build on its 30-plus-year legacy with the addition of new features such as the industry-leading technology known as Electronic Manipulation Defence (EMD). While the SDA is one of a kind virtual network

for your safe locks.


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