SecTech Roadshow is a simple and highly targeted touring tradeshow that covers 5 state capitals over 2 weeks during the month of May. In 2017, the roadshow got off to a huge start in Sydney, and performed strongly in Brisbane and in Melbourne, where numbers grew by more than 30 per cent on 2016. Adelaide was also larger than 2016 with 218 visitors, and things finished with a bang in Perth where the roadshow didn’t just pull 328 visitors, but kept many of them there most of the day. Total visitor numbers in 2017 were 1750 – a 20 per cent increase over 2016 – and we expect more than 2000 visitors in 2018.

SecTech Roadshow’s simple formula is to take a select group of cutting-edge electronic security manufacturers and suppliers together with their latest products and solutions on a joint national roadshow that allows everyone involved to reap the rewards of the collective pulling power of the group and SEN’s print and digital promotional engines. The compact size and convenient local venues make SecTech Roadshow the perfect opportunity for quality installers and end users across Australia to get face time with the best suppliers and manufacturers and their electronic security solutions in a vibrant half-day. The schedule includes at least a day in each city between shows to allow exhibitors time to visit local clients.

In the past, manufacturers and distributors wanting to reach a national audience have had to tour alone, bearing all the expenses and limitations, including logistics, setup and promotion. SecTech Roadshow offers a new way – a combined roadshow jointly promoted by all exhibitors, as well as by Security Electronics and Networks Magazine, with all logistics handled by us. You deliver your show crates to us and we’ll get them to your stand in each city, help with setup and pack up.

SecTech Roadshow is a pop-up roadshow with no stand larger than 6 x 3 and no built stands allowed. This means no company dominates the floor and that new product demonstrations and face time with people are the main attractions. Having such a lightweight footprint also means superfast setup and takedown times. As exhibitors found at SecTech this year, our experienced loaders assist with all aspects of setup, making life easy for local staff as well as for staff who fly in for the event. For many exhibitors, setup takes less than one hour.

SecTech Roadshow is exclusive – you’re not one of 100 exhibitors but one of 25. SecTech Roadshow is an approachable event – it’s compact and sociable and its local nature gets people talking to each other. We’ve seen this special atmosphere time and again at previous SecTech Roadshows. The mood is laid back – with an extended happy hour at the end of each day and loads of awesome giveaways.

SEN heavily promotes SecTech in print, weekly electronic newsletter, on SEN website and across social media. There are attractive savings for early bird bookings and space is limited to the compact size of the venues and the space in SecTech’s semi-trailer. Now in its fourth year, SecTech Roadshow is a proven concept and will visit Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

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John Adams